SPRING: Spring Equinox Candle


Spring arrives with a special energy, one filled with hope.
A renewal, a rebirth. Buds form on trees and windows are thrown open wide.
We watch snow turn to water as the earth wakes and warms.
Fresh air fills our lungs and plans fill our heads.
Spring has arrived.

Notes: rain, fern, musk
Type: fresh, floral

Due to a worldwide glass shortage caused by COVID-19, our candles will be in clear glass jars until otherwise noted. 

8 oz
Handmade in Calgary, AB, Canada
Burn time: up to 50 hours
100% coconut soy wax 
Lead free cotton wicks
Premium, phthalate and paraben free fragrance oils
Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free + petroleum free

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Every candle I buy from Land of Daughters is gorgeous. The label, the scent, the service -- wonderful!

Candles broken but smelled lovely

My order came broken and I am waiting for a replacement order but thought the spring equinox smelled beautiful!


Haven't burned it yet, waiting for the equinox but I am obsessed with all of these candles and haven't disliked any scent yet. I recently burned another brand of candle and smelled nothing in the room. I was so disappointed. LOD candles permeate the room without being overpowering and all smell amazing. Spring Equinox is a breath of fresh air. It's so clean like right out of a shower and smells like a fresh start which is exactly what we need spring to be, especially now! If you like candles, these are the organic hand made canadian version of Yankee candles. It's the difference between dried basil at the grocery store and picking the leaves off of a plant you grew in your backyard. These candles are the plant leaves of candles. Just get one.