Scent Sampler


This scent sampler was created to take the guesswork out of shopping!
Each pack includes a tealight of all our core scents, plus whatever seasonal scents are out at that time. 

These tea lights won't do much for scenting a room, but you'll be able to smell all our scents before you shop online.

Your sampler may come packaged in a box or a cotton bag.

Scents currently included:

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes we run out of scents, or have to change them due to change in season, etc. Your scent sampler may vary because of this.

Let's Stay Home
Just Breathe 
Be Kind
Girl Gang
Wild Honey

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Erin Z.
All amazing

The sampler is such a great idea. I expected wax cubes or disks but they are full tea lights! Perfect way to see what they actually smell like burning, and they are all heavily and heavenly scented. Very happy with it and looking forward to ordering my favs in full size

B Hupé
Scent samples

So glad I ordered the scent sampler, it's a great way to get introduced to most of the scents before future purchases when you're not local. Love all of the scents!

Anika Mukherjee
Perfect choice for non-locals

I was interested in ordering something after reading an article on Blume's blog that featured Land of Daughters. However, scents are very difficult to describe by text and are a personal experience. Getting to sample a large number of them helped because I got to know exactly which ones I liked and which I'd want to order full-sized candles of. The scents in the candles evoke strong emotions and one even moved me to buy it as a condolence gift for a friend who lost her father recently.

K Mc

I purchased the sample set and the hometown candle and I am so in love! I now need everything by from the hometown collection! The scent sampler was perfect to help me feel confident choosing my next large scents and the tea lights are perfect for a quick room refresh!

Rebekah Adams
I wanted to love them

The sample set is a great idea. The samples all smelt lovely before lighting them and I was excited but there was little to no smell released while burning. I've tried a few of the softer smelling ones and the stronger sents in the set but I didn't smell anything from them even when sitting next to them burning.

Hi Rebekah!
The description for this product actually states that they will not scent the room when burning. They are just meant to be able to smell each scent before buying full size versions.