Moss Agate and Jasper Worry Stones


Moss Agate is said to be strongly connected to nature.
It's also great with refreshing and soothing the soul, and bringing balance. 
It's also been suggested to place Moss Agate in your garden or with your house plants to help them thrive.

Jasper is said to be great for bringing courage, balance, and strength.
It's great for re-energizing and comfort as well. 

Worry stones have been around forever and are used to decrease worries!
These tones fit perfectly in a pocket and they have a thumb sized indent that is perfect for rubbing your worries (anxious energy!) away. These sweet little things make a great gift as well!


x1 stone intuitively picked for you
size: each stone is approx. 1.0" W, 1.3" L, 0.25" H
each stone is unique; colour, shape, size, and patterns will vary