Candle Refillery

now open for business


bring in a heat safe vessel with a non-porous interior (tin/sealed metal, ceramic, terracotta, or concrete, tempered glass), that is suitable for high temperatures and is larger than 2.5cm in diameter. upon drop-off we will evaluate your vessel for approval.


please ensure the vessel is freshly cleaned - if we are required to clean it there will be a $5 additional cleaning fee.


select your fragrance for the candle from our core scents list.


payment is required via invoice sent to your email once your candle is poured.


once payment is recieved, come on by to pick up your brand new LOD candle in your one of a kind vessel.

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And you can refill your sprays.

only $18 when you bring back an empty LOD Aroma Spray bottle

How much does it cost?

We charge $2.50 per oz of Coconut Soy wax. We can provide you with an estimate upon drop off of your vessel - just ask!

Where are you located?
Which scents can I choose from?
How long will it take?
Can I have extra wicks?
Do I have to make an appointment?